středa 24. srpna 2011


Didnt expect, that we would have so many duel invitations.

But this one is special.
FUDG(god damnit thats tag :D) invited us to duel, but they are from US, so we are going to make levels 1 on US.

It's going to be pure for fun duel, but i will post results and replay file anyway :)

Another nice night

-Another nice winning spree this night ! not even single game loss.

-Still preparing for FFF

úterý 23. srpna 2011


Friends computer crashed last night, so couldt accept the duel. We were working whole night to resolve that problem.. Next time is : 24.8. 18:00 CET.

But we have another challenge! :)

In next days (dont know the date yet), we will duel against FFF (Slovakia), they didnt mail me their website, so cant post it here :)

(dont really know what happened with this post, i have no idea how to fix it :) )
the text thingy i mean
If you know, how to fix it, please leave a comment. thanks

pondělí 22. srpna 2011


We will bring replay from our first 5v5.

Should be on youtube tomorrow afternoon or today for download replay file!

We got first challenge to duel.

Clan CRX (czech republic xAxA) has challenged us to duel.
The duel will be- 22.8.2011 22:00 (CET)

I will post results right after the game :)

Wish us good luck

The Loaders

Hello, welcome to our clan-blog. Here, you can challenge us to fight, or just talk with us.
I appologize for my bad english (we are clan from Czech Republic).

About us:
-We started playing together (5v5) in year 2010
-Yesterday(21.8.2011), we decided to make a clan, so we can fight with other clans too, not just ranked plays
-Today(22.8.2011) i made a blog and we are official :)


We play on realm EU Nordic&East